My day like most, starts with coffee, it is what gets me out of bed everyday.  My four boys head off to school and the chaios of the morning settles in the form of laundry everywhere, breakfast dishes and a lunch someone forgot to take to school left on the counter.  This might be my favortie time of day, where ideas for images start to come to life.  Stories are often told through words but I like to tell them through images. 

The Workspace

Greenville, SC is where I call home.  We moved her over 4 years ago from Texas and haven't regreted it once.  The upstate of South Carolina has the most beautiful rivers, waterfalls, mountains, lakes and hidden gems.  The people though, small business owners, artist, musicians, everywhere you go you see so much talant.  

If I were to create my dream job it would be to meet as many of them as possible and photograph the talent behind the person.  So, I decided to do just that.  If you are local and would like to be featured in my new Monolague series, let's talk!

While I am mostly a Canon shooter, I have recently acquired a Fujifilm XT2 which I hope to work more with.